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Book your free 30-min consultation
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Complete product development:

We can help you launch your app from just an idea or a problem to solve. Plan, design, build, launch, maintain and improve, we can do it all.


Development outsourcing

We know outsourcing can be difficult, because of problems with quality and communication. We have years of experiences with this, and we prioritize crystal-clear communication so you always know what’s being done.


Code improvements and UI/UX redesign

If your project is not up to your code or design standards, or you just want to keep improving it, we can help. We have experience quickly jumping into existing codebases, implementing pixel-perfect Figma designs, or migrating bad code to a better architecture

Book your free 30-min consultation
And Receive a Free Prototype of your Own App

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Book your free 30-min consultation
And Receive a Free Prototype of your Own App

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Management System for Ras

Ras Group, managed the trips of its drivers in an inefficient way, since they transport numerous packages on a daily basis, where they had a lot of manual work in managing their trips, which caused data loss and redundancy.

They were looking for:

Management System for OurGP

Shannon Mackey is the founder of OurGP Clinic, a family medicine clinic. After using several pre-made products, I need to create a new one based on your business model.

They were looking for:

Monitoring System for Mytra Control

We work with Mytra Control, a software and automation company, to build an application for their client. They needed to optimize their work, which consisted of measuring the water pressure and generating reports to bill their clients.

They were looking for:

App Development
& UI/UX Design for ODYSSEY

Odyssey is a luxury travel agency that provides quality accommodation and personalized advice to travelers. Their worldwide web application, "Odyssey Travel," uses the Amadeus API to display real-time prices and availability. We've worked on enhancing navigation, payments, and a visual redesign for their launch.

They were looking for:

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And Receive a Free Prototype of your Own App

/ Our tools

We specialize in these tools because we prioritize building high-quality products and we want to do it efficiently. By focusing in only this set of tools, we've been able to build our own codebases which allows us to plug-and-play commonly used features when we start new projects.






Book your free 30-min consultation
And Receive a Free Prototype of your Own App

/ What makes us different?

We're great communicators, and we love proposing new ideas to improve your product.

We keep our team in-house, which is constantly trained in our best practices to build products efficiently.

We also have our own software products, we understand what it's like to be a founder.

We're based in Uruguay, our timezone is GMT-3, which is close to our clients.

Book your free 30-min consultation
And Receive a Free Prototype of your Own App

Santiago de los Santos

Founder & Head of Development @ ProxiNexus

/ What our clients say about us

Felipe Ferreira

Founder of ProyectaSoft

"Santiago understood very well and very quickly the business specifics and needs. His communication was always on time and proactive. We look forward to continue to work with Santiago on future project.“

Glenn D'Mello

VP of Engineering at Ciclo Tech

“We had a really good experience working with Santiago. He was communicative, and quick to respond both to our questions and with clarifications on the requirements. The project was completed on time and to our satisfaction. The code was also designed and structured very well, making it easy to understand and follow. We would hire Santiago again for our future project needs.”

Stephen Scott

CEO at Travel Hub 365

"...entrusting our app's redesign to ProxiNexus was one of the best decisions we've made. Their technical prowess, combined with a keen understanding of user experience, has given our travel app the edge it needs in today's competitive market. If you're looking for a developer who embodies excellence and innovation, look no further than ProxiNexus. Here's to future collaborations!"

Jose Pirro

CFO at Star5 Creative

"Santiago helped me turn a vague idea into reality. He understood very well my though process and how I wanted the final product to look like. He helped me shape the idea by providing a different point of view and alternatives to the hurdles we encountered throughout the development process. He was also able to clearly provide expectations for the work to be done, how long it would take, and therefore how much it would cost. Santiago was always available, I was able to communicate with him at will, and he is very easy to get along with. I look forward to work again with Santiago, and I would recommend him 100%.”

Gatien De Callatay

Mine Mid-Range Planner at Centerra

"Santiago was extremely professional and transparent, working with him was really enjoyable. On top of delivering the milestones within the forecasted timeline, Santiago provided us with extremely valuable feedback and insightful guidance to help us achieve our objective.“

Thomas Torbik

CEO at Apptat

"Great communication, always meets deadlines, and writes great code. I had a Flutter app and Santiago was able to jump right in and improve the app dramatically. Highly recommend his services!”

Nima Schei

CEO of

"Santiago did the job in a timely-manner and I was satisfied with his quality of work. We had phone conversations and his english level was good. Overall, I recommend him and will work with him in future.“

Shannon Mackey

Founder of OurGP Clinic

"I found Santiago to be a skilled and professional developer. He takes an active interest in his work, is a good communicator, and is efficient and solution-oriented. I am thoroughly satisfied with the work he has done for my company and would recommend him to others.“

Martín Zuñiga

CEO at Hattrick IT

"Santiago is a very solid Mobile Developer. He is very responsible, great at solving complex problems and has top notch communication skills.”

Neus Morro Botía

COO at Mytra Control

"Santiago gave us the requested work in time and form and was even able to improve the initial design, finding small flaws that had not been taken into account and that, thanks to his experience, could be solved without any problem. The communication with him has been fluid at all times, during the development and then the tests until the final result was validated. It was a pleasure working with him.”

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Ras Transport's Mobile App for Streamlined Freight Management

Ras Transport, a freight transportation company, identified a need for a mobile app integrated with their Odoo ERP system to better manage their drivers' work. This integration aimed to reduce data loss and redundancy.
By using the app as a centralized platform for tracking all drivers' activities, Ras Transport established a single source of truth. This strategic move significantly reduced financial discrepancies, preventing revenue loss due to incorrect or lost invoices.

Medical Clinic Custom Mobile App

Dr. Shannon Mackey, an experienced solo practitioner at a family medical clinic, had previously used various medical software systems.
Despite these, he struggled with time-consuming administrative tasks, especially in document management.
To address this, we partnered with Dr. Mackey to create a custom mobile app. This app streamlined appointment scheduling, document management, and patient information handling. Its standout feature was the automated document creation and filling process, reducing a 5-minute task to a simple click. This enhancement significantly freed up Dr. Mackey's time, allowing him to take on more clients.

Mytra Control Industrial Automation App

Mytra Control, specializing in industrial automation, partnered with us to develop a mobile app for a client project.
They needed an app integrated with IoT technology for efficient job management and data measurement.
The app we built automates data collection and report generation, simplifying their client's invoicing process.

Luxury Travel Mobile App

Odyssey Travel App, catering to the luxury travel sector, faced several challenges despite being established in the market.
Hindered by poor UI/UX design, bad coding practices, and critical bugs (including a six-month-long issue with travel bookings), the app struggled to be profitable.
Recognizing the need for expert intervention, they partnered with us for a turnaround. Our collaboration focused on a UI/UX redesign tailored to the luxury travel market, prioritizing intuitiveness and aesthetics. Alongside this, we tackled the existing bugs and overhauled the codebase, laying a robust foundation for future feature enhancements and ensuring a seamless user experience.